Ghost Walking Time Hopping

The Story So Far

Five strangers meet together under the veil of a stormy night. After clearing their refuge of monsters, one of their number, a man named Bunnbjorn, asks them to accompany him in his journey to deliver the bodies of his deceased clients to their final resting place: Beyond the Veil of Souls in the town of Manifest. Thus begins their adventures in Manifest, the city of ghosts.

Eventually, the group discovers a diabolic plot and betrayal amongst their own numbers. In an attempt to escape the wrath of a vengeful devil and his scheming necromancer former ally, Sevle of Fishington pierces a hole through time and space, finding himself 10,000 years in the past. His former ally, Lazarus, leaves him for dead in a farm.

Luckily, a group of adventurers seeking out to recover stolen weapons from White Plume Mountain find Sevle and find themselves in a plot involving time itself. With the meddling of Lazarus, their mission fails and many of them die, save for Xerox the Doppleganger and Elmo, Cleric of Pelor, who are whisked to the present day.

Appearing in Fishington, Sevle’s hometown. The two wayward time travelers join a party dedicated to rescuing Sevle, led by university professor, Dunswick Garfunkle. Joining with new allies and Sevle’s former companions, including Kinstine, the GrayGuard from Argonia,they save Sevle.

But all is not well. Dark forces seek to destroy manifest, and a strange plight has affected the newborn child of an old friend. Chasing the supposed servants of Lazarus, the party discovers a dark tower that is said to be at the center of the strange affliction that has affected other children in the past. Joining with other allies, both old and new, the party ventures deep into the tower to seek answers.

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